01.29.2019 | Paul.Spielbaue…

Last week, CRC-Evans® launched a new technology called Orbis™.

The Orbis™ system was developed in our facility in Houston, Texas. We drew on our experience as the originator of internally mechanized welding system for pipeline applications, and paired that knowledge with the CRA girth-welding experience we have gained in both spool base and offshore projects around the globe.

Some of the challenges we faced included burn-through, lack of penetration, and oxidation, especially when depositing the critical root pass in a CRA pipeline weld. We improved upon our already advanced industry-leading welding technology, virtually eliminating these challenges.

The Orbis™ system will avoid costly rework and cutouts in station 1, which will improve the productivity down the entire firing line. Additionally, applying the Orbis™ system's internal clad pass capability with our existing P-625 girth-welding system will allow customers to utilize a higher-strength, lower-cost carbon steel consumable.

The Orbis™ system will eventually allow companies to implement higher-strength carrier pipe in their design process instead of being limited to the current X60 and X65 solutions.

I am excited about seeing the Orbis™ system in use on an upcoming project. This technology is something new that will truly affect how the industry approaches CRA pipeline welding for years to come!

Click here to learn more about the Orbis™ system.

ORBIS Internal Welding System