CRC Evans Canada Ltd.

13040 25th St NE
Edmonton, AB T6S0A4
P: (780) 440-2005
F: (780) 440-4952
CRC-Evans Canada Main Office - (780) 440-2005
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STANLEY Inspection
13040 25th St NE
Edmonton, AB T6S0A4
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Pipe Bending Machines 6"- 60"
Pipe Bending Mandrels 8"- 60"
Internal Line Up Clamps 8"- 60"
Pipe Facing Machines
Counter-bore Machines

Roli Cradles
Band Type Pipe Beveling Machines
Pipe Beveling and Cutting Equipment
Rubber Tired Cradles
Tractor Bending Shoes

External Line Up Clamps
Holiday Detectors
Auto Release Tongs
Induction Heat/Coat Equipment

Horizontal Rollers
Demagnetizing Equipment
Dearman Clamps


Tractor Umbrellas
Spacing Tools
Pigging Products
Pipe Slings
Welding Tents

Pipe Lower In Belts
Pipe Stringing Hooks
Skid Hooks
Inflatable Pipe Plugs and Bags
Magnetic Gooseneck Ground Clamps
Bending Protractors
Pin Wheel Heaters

Grinder Holders
Weld Cooling Blankets
Corrosion Prevention Pipe Tape
Fire Blanket/Gouging Blankets
Construction Hoarding
Pipe Stands (customized)
Cold Cutters

Casing Spacing Insulators
End Seals
Monolythic Weld In Fittings
Cat Curtain
Flange Alignment Tools


Custom Pipe Bending
Custom Pipe End Prep
Detector Repair & Calibration
Beveler Machine Repair
Line Up Clamp Refurbishment