Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamps (IPLCs)

IPLCs work inside the pipe to align two pipe joints for external welding.

IPLCs are extremely robust and built to special high standards to withstand pipeline spread operations. IPLCs are adjustable for any wall thickness or size within the specified range—independently operated pneumatic heads allow the line-up of pipes with different wall thicknesses. When correctly used IPLCs will not damage or "bell end" the pipe.

A "self-propelled" IPLC travels through the pipe to the next joint under its own power. A "non-self-propelled" IPLC is pulled to the next joint (manually). IPLCs require compressed air at 180-200 psi (12.4-13.8 bar). Maximum safe working pressure is 210 psi (14.5 bar).

Adequate line-up at the next joint is assured by a reserve air tank. Self-propelled models feature non-marring wheels and are capable of grades up to 20°. Options include de-icers, drag brakes, and wheels to suit internal coatings.

  • Self-propelled units for pipe sizes 10" to 60" (254mm to 1524mm)
  • Non-powered units for pipe sizes 6" to 18" (152mm to 457mm)


Features & Benefits

• Steel travel wheels on IPLC 10-18
• Roller-type actuating heads (roller brackets)
• Urethane wheels on IPLC 20-60
• Air mist lubrication
• 15-degree grade capability
• Center lifting eye
• Centering latch
• Reach (control) rod
• Drag brake, IPLC 20 and up

    Additional Options

    Available at Time of Manufacture


    Available for Plant or Field Installation

    • Self-propelled feature, IPLC 10, 12-14 and 16-18
    • Certified air tank
    • Stainless steel pipe compatibility
    • Drag Brake IPLC 20-22
    • Heavy-duty drive (side drive)
    • Wheels to suit internal coating
    • Vertical operation facility (crane suspended)
    • Extra-length reach (control) rods
    • Conversion kits for pipe sizes and wall thicknesses within the IPLC range

    The following deletions are allowed for credit:

    • Self-propelled feature, IPLC 20-22 through IPLC 36-38
    • Reach rod, all sizes
    • Air tank, all sizes