Standard Double Jointing System

The standard double jointer consists of: End Preparation Station, Line-Up Station, Cap Station, I.D. Station, Clean Out Station and UT or X-Ray Inspection Station.

Pipe flow through the system is by way of skidways and or transfer cars. Hydro-mechanical processes throughout the yard accomplish pipe positioning. Pipes handling and welding functions are controlled by use of push-button or joy stick controls. Floating welding heads are used at the Line-Up and Fill Stations.

A typical system consists of the following:

  • End Prep Station for increasing land on pipe bevel
  • Line-Up Station for pipe alignment and 1st external weld
  • Capping Fill Station for applying external weld cap
  • Internal Weld Station for applying internal weld
  • Power Trailer or containers with diesel generator and welding rectifiers (can be connected to utility power)
  • ( Lot ) Required pipe skids and supports for transferring the pipe from station to station
  • Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamps (customer to specify size)
  • Pipe Facing Machines (customer to specify size)

CRC-Evans recommends three (3) Pipe Facing Machines, two (2) of which are required for Double Jointer operation with one (1) as a standby.

CRC-Evans recommends two (2) Double Jointing Clamps with one (1) as a standby