The Hammer's main feature is its hammer mill, designed and built by Laurini, which is powered by two hydraulic motors at the end of the main rotor shaft. The mill is fed by a hopper and a chain conveyor with adjustable speed that allows dosing of the material to be treated, in optimal quantity for best performance.

The Hammer machine is fitted with a strong undercarriage suitable for working on steep slopes up to an incline of 70%. All functions are radio-controlled from a remote control that the operator wears around their neck, allows them to keep control of the work from a safe position with good visibility. This machine offers great advantages, including producing enough fine material to complete the protection of the pipe, even in rocky areas. Production can reach 150m3/hour without the need for a skilled operator. Outlet grills are adjustable to obtain the grain size required by project specification. 650 HP CAT engine.


Technical Data

Max. Output (with dry material) 150 m3/h
Crusher Hummers
Minimum Opening 15mm
Max. Size Entry Material 350mm
Maximum Operating Slope 35º
Maximum Side Slope
Operating Controls Radio Control
Transmission Hydrostatic
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 600L
Engine C13 ACERT
No. of Cylinders 6
Displacement 12.5L
Power 338 Kw @ 2200 rpm
Cooling Liquid
Fuel Tank Capacity 600L
Machine Dimension (L x H x W) 6.3m x 4.0m x 3.0m
Transversal Conveyor Belt (L x W) 6.4m x 1.3m 
Total Weight (with full tanks) 33,000kg