The most advanced, highest-volume padder in our line.

This self-loading, self-propelled machine is built to easily handle today's widest pipeline diameters—36" and greater. Every element of the Superpadder's leading-edge design is meant to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety on every job.

Working from a comfortable distance that allows optimal visibility, a single operator controls all functions by wireless remote. This heavy-duty, ultra-stable machine is designed to work at all pipeline traverse angles, uphill or downhill.

Thanks to a screen surface of 7m2 and a charging mouth 3.6m wide, this self-loading machine can reach a capacity up to 400m3/h of fine material. The screen mesh is interchangeable in order to obtain various output sizes. The remote control allows the operator to manage the input loading material as well as the output material unloaded into the trench through the conveyor belt.

  • Self-loading
  • Self-propelled with remote control
  • Can be operated from a safe distance with perfect visibility
  • Retractable and foldable conveyor belt
  • Interchangeable screen mesh


Technical Data

Max Output* 240-400m3/h
Screening Area 6.0m2
Standard Mesh Opening Min. 8mm; Max. 80mm
Vibrating Screen Hydraulic Setting Variable Slope
Max. Size Entry Material 400mm
Max. Operating Slope 20º
Max. Side Slope
Operating Controls Radio Control
Max. Speed 5km/h
Travel Speed 2km/h
Transmission Hydrostatic
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 380L
Engine C13 ACERT
No. of Cylinders 6
Displacement 12.5L
Power 328 kW @ 2100 RPM
Cooling Liquid
Fuel Tank Capacity 650L
Machine Dimension (L x H x W)** 11.2m x 3.8m x 3.6m
Total Weight (with full tanks) 38,200kg
*With dry material and mesh opening 25mm x 25mm.
**Shipping dimensions with transversal conveyor folded.