Hydraulic Power Units

Our Pipe Facing Machines are powered by CRC-Evans HPUs.

They give you the flexibility of diesel power for land operations and electricity for laybarge and spoolbase. They can be tractor-mounted or stationary to fit the application.

During cold or warm weather conditions, the hydraulic power units are designed to keep the temperature of the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir at an acceptable temperature. An additional kidney loop pump is included to circulate the hydraulic fluid through the heat exchanger for warm weather cooling of the fluid or past heating elements in the reservoir during cold weather conditions. In each case, hydraulic fluid will be continuously flowing through a filter, thus cleaning the fluid at all times. The hydraulic system is complete with high-pressure filters before each equipment grouping to ensure clean fluid to the equipment. Return and suction filters are also included with each hydraulic power unit system to help prevent any contaminants from entering the hydraulic system.

Features & Benefits


  • Full range pump capacity
  • Proven design/operation
  • Electric drive option
  • Diesel drive option


  • Compatibility with full PFM range
  • Reliability/dependability
  • Low operation cost
  • Portable field use

Barge Applications: Coast guard-approved motors have epoxy-coated windings, stainless steel enclosures, epoxy paint on the outside of motor, and condensate heaters.

Desert Application: Motors are available with a higher temperature rating of 50°c.

Arctic Application: Both electric-drive and diesel-drive Hydraulic Power Units can be supplied ready for Arctic use down to minus 50°c.