In the field one thing is certain—many pipe joints must be demagnetized before the project can move forward.

What hasn’t always been certain is whether demagnetization efforts are actually successful. The Demag tool removes this uncertainty.

Demag is a self-contained demagnetizing tool, and it is a radical improvement over traditional approaches. Rather than having a technician spending precious time wrapping electrical cables around pipe ends in hopes that demagnetizing is taking place, Demag quickly lets you know for sure.

Operation is fast and simple. The pipe end is fed into the Demag unit, a switch is flipped, and magnetism is instantly and automatically eliminated. The finished pipe moves out of the Demag unit mere seconds after the process had begun so you’re able to work on the next pipe joint.

Demag can be outfitted with a control box and Gaussimeter for the ultimate in speed and success verification. And it can easily be outfitted with brackets for laybarge installation.