Saddle Bag Weights™

The Saddle Bag Weight™ System is a modern way of pipline bouyancy control, designed especially for use in wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas. Saddle Bags are a more effective and less expensive alternative to the traditional concrete weight system.

The Saddle Bag is an aggregate-filled geotextile fabric that is designed to either set on or strap on a pipeline to provide negative buoyancy, depending on the project requirements. The Saddle Bag Weight consists of two lobes nesting on opposite sides of the pipe, which are secured by connector straps that fit over the top or saddle of the pipe, securing it in place.

The Saddle Bag is end-loaded and fully sealed to prevent loss of aggregate during handling and installation. All stress points of the Saddle Bag are double sewn to provide strength.

The Saddle Bag Weight provides many benefits as compared to the use of concrete anchor weights:

  • Specifically designed for wetland applications
  • No environmental impact
  • Provides more negative buoyancy per pound than a concrete weight
  • Saves on ditch depth
  • Allows less ditch dewatering
  • Will not tip off of the pipe
  • No need for rock shield
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Can be handled, loaded out, and installed immediately after filling