Lightweight multi-process, multi-power-source 
single-torch welding system.

  • On-board wire feed
  • Center-torch design
  • Ambidextrous carriage


Features & Benefits


  • 25% lighter than previous generation systems
  • Swing-out tip cleaning
  • Offset oscillator
  • Ambidextrous carriage
  • Multi-process and multi-power-supply capable
  • Thru-the-arc tracking
  • Lightweight pendant with larger display


  • Improved ergonomics
  • Easier maintenance, increased output
  • Increased visibility of the arc
  • No CW or CCW configuration
  • One system for all needs
  • Higher-quality welds
  • Universal XML welding parameters
General Specifications

Vertical travel



Horizontal travel



Pendulum arc

+45°, -30°

Travel speed

3-50 ipm


Wire feed speed

100-625 ipm


Beats per minute MAX / oscillation rate*

240 bpm @ .5" in width

240 bpm @ 12mm

Tilt sensor

Accurate to +/- 1°

Size envelope

14.5"W x 13.0"T x 15.7"D

370mmW x 300mmT x 400mmD


41 lbs



6, 10, 14 lbs

2.7, 4.5, 6.4kg




Advanced Technology

The M-400 Welding System is CRC-Evans’ lightweight, multi-process, multi-power-source, on-board wire feed, single-torch welding system.

The M-400 bug retains all the range and functionality of its predecessor while reducing overall weight by 25%. In addition to multi-functionality and decreased weight, the M-400’s new offset oscillator offers its operator an unprecedented view of the arc as well adding the ability to deposit automated fillet (+45° /- 30°) welds. Lastly, our engineers have built software tracking into the welding parameters, allowing operators to recall exactly what versions of software were being used for each weld. The M-400 Welding System is revolutionary on every front.

The M-400’s center-torch design and new ambidextrous carriage eliminates the need for a clockwise and counterclockwise machine. The M-400 system is multi-process, digital, and analog welding power-supply-capable. It can be adapted to weld flux core, inner-shield, STT, and GMAW with minimal mechanical changes to the bug. Complementing its ability for multi-process welding, the M-400 allows the flexibility of utilizing digital or analog welding power sources.

The M-400 system offers CRC-Evans' cutting-edge thru-the-arc tracking as an option. This advanced technology maintains the arc in the center of the weld seam and the optimum tip-to-work distance, ensuring consistent high-quality welds with minimum effort. 

The revolutionary redesigned Pendant includes a large-format color display. The Pendant not only operates the M-400 system, but its display relays multiple levels of information and allows the adjustment of parameters without the need to plug in a laptop or PDA.