On certain types of welding projects there has always been a gap between the productivity that is needed and the budget that is available. CRC-Evans closes this gap with the P-450.

Part of CRC-Evans' Standard Welding System, the single-torch P-450 provides higher productivity on projects that don’t have dual-head technology in the budget and applications that were limited to standard welding machines in the past. These include 2G and 5G, diameters less than 16 inches, pipelines less than 50 kilometers, CRA, and other exotic materials.

The P-450 is a fully digital system. Its features include full through-the-arc tracking, which keeps the torch and bead in perfect position to maximize speed and quality in both vertical and horizontal applications. Position-based parameter control is achieved with an onboard inclinometer that signals welder position in real time to ensure that pre-programmed parameters are flawlessly executed. PDA interface allows weld parameters to be programmed offsite and easily downloaded onsite. Performance data can also be uploaded from the P-450 and analyzed offsite.


Features & Benefits


  • Less weld metal required
  • Higher production rates
  • Precise control of essential parameters
  • Lower cost per weld
  • Less physical strain on welders
  • Consistent weld quality


  • Narrow-gap joint design
  • Increased deposition rate
  • Microprocessor control
  • Easy operation
  • Through-arc seam tracking
  • Consistent weld properties
Advanced Technology

The P-450 external welder is a single-torch GMAW welding system. This external welding system offers consistent welding parameter and quality control, and provides the user with 32 programmable welding passes. In addition, this welding machine offers through-the-arc seam tracking to maintain consistent work distance and maintain centerline of the seam around the circumference of a weld while welding.

The P-450 is a self-contained platform incorporating a travel carriage, wire feed motor and wire spool, computer control box, and adjustable welding head. Suitable for GMAW or Pulsed-GMAW processes. This system is optimized for interface to digital power sources to maintain digital-to-digital connectivity.

The onboard computer ensures precise control of welding parameters: volts, amps, travel speed, oscillation, dwell times, etc. This system allows the user to store a real-time log of all essential weld data for further processing in a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet format. This data can be uploaded to the computer via a Bluetooth connection. The welding parameters can be downloaded to the system using the Bluetooth connection as well.


General Specifications

Length: 18.0” (457mm)

Width: 22” (559mm)

Height: 16” (406mm)

Weight (w/o wire spool): 50 lbs. (22.75kg)

Wire Spool Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7kg)

Vertical Axis Stroke: 2.5” (63.5mm)

Head Angle Adjustment: ±10° -