Part of CRC-Evans' High-Productivity Welding System, the P-600 External Welding System brings the efficiency and productivity you need to projects on land or offshore.

In addition to single- or dual-torch operation, the P-600 system offers through-the-arc tracking, "Smart Card" programming, more than 30 programmable welding parameters, onboard data collection, and touch-screen control. Replacement parts fit either side. And its ergonomic design is smaller and lighter for less operator fatigue. Designed for pulsed GMAW and suitable for GMAW, the P-600 package includes travel carriage, wire feeder, computer control, and welding head. It interfaces easily with most pulse GMAW welding power sources, including inverters.


Advanced Technology

The P-600 Dual Torch External Welding System delivers the most advanced welding technology and offers dual welding arcs, increased speed, higher deposition, superior mechanical properties, and quality. It features microprocessor control and programmable weld parameters. The P-600 is operated via a remote pendant, and utilizes CRC-Evans' proprietary through-the-arc weld bevel tracking technology. Designed for Pulsed GMAW, the P-600 is a complete package, with travel carriage, wire feeders, computer controls, dual welding heads, and touch-screen controls.

The computer is password-protected and ensures precise control of welding parameters: volts, amps, travel speed, oscillation, dwell times, etc. Each machine has an inclinometer to know where it is on the pipe; this allows the computer to vary weld parameters around the circumference. Microprocessor control of the weld procedure essential variables, with interactive limits on heat input, assures weld procedure quality control. Data output features allow real-time weld data to be printed out or downloaded to a laptop.

Features & Benefits


  • Fewer weld stations required
  • Higher production rates
  • Less weld metal required
  • Less physical strain on welders
  • Programmable for all passes
  • Lower cost per weld
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Consistent weld quality


  • Dual-torch welding
  • Increased deposition
  • Narrow-gap Joint Design
  • Remote Pendant control
  • Ease of operation
  • Consistent weld parameters
  • Pulsed GMAW transfer
  • Through-the-arc tracking
General Specifications

Length: 9.5” (24cm)

Width: 13.5” (34cm)

Height: 12” (30cm)

Weight: 35 Ibs. (15.9kg)

Pipe Diameters: 12” to infinite (flat)

Operating Voltage: 115V AC / 230V
AC / 24V DC

Dual Welding Torches: water-cooled

Wire Spool Size: 33 Ibs. (15kg)

Temp. Design Range: -40°F to 185°F
(-40°c to 85°c)

Head Angle: adjustable ± 10°