CRC-Evans B.V., the headquarters of CRC-Evans Onshore East Operations supplies broad range of onshore pipeline construction equipment including automatic welding, bending machines, padding/crushing machines, weighting systems, field joint coating, heat treating, inspection and non-destructive testing.

CRC-Evans Onshore East is part of CRC-Evans Pipeline International / Stanley Oil & Gas - the world largest group of pipeline service companies.

Our new facility in Zeewolde services our customers in Europe and across the Eastern Hemisphere. Here we refurbish our Automatic Welding and Pipeline equipment, repair contractors' own CRC equipment, develop and qualify Automatic welding procedures and provide training for technicians and welders. With our expertise, large equipment fleet and warehouse of spare parts, consumables and welding wire we can quickly satisfy your project requirements.


CRC-Evans Onshore East - Fabricageweg 28, 3899 AV, Zeewolde
Fax: +31 36 711 7501 | Phone: +31 36 711 7500 |




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Before transfer to a project site, all Automatic Welding Machines are revised and tested at the Zeewolde Workshop. Workshop Technician Jeroen Hellenthal is working on an IWM (Internal Welding Machine).