Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

At CRC-Evans Offshore we place high value on health, safety, environment and quality as well as promoting a safe working environment for all personnel. Smart and fair behaviour towards others is the dominant component of our working relationships. We create goodwill when we place more value on successful continuance of relationships rather than any on ‘issue of the day.’ 

Generation of teamwork is based upon the triple pillars of:

  • Valuing diversity of background, behaviour and thought in order to generate innovative and creative solutions to problems and risk
  • The generation of strongly held common values
  • The instigation of a ‘no blame’ culture to remove the fear of failure 

A high level of health, safety, environmental and quality awareness at all levels is essential and this can only happen through ensuring openness and the dissemination of information and knowledge to all through the guiding principles behind our communications policy that are inclusiveness, rapidity and accuracy.

Ultimately, the responsibility for behaving safely at all times and contributing towards a safe working environment and a quality product rests with each of us.


The company HSEQ Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and endorsed by the Managing Director.

It is published at all company controlled locations and customer sites that we operate on.

Everyone joining the company is made aware that Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are line management responsibilities and everyone within the company is responsible for protecting the environment, looking after their own health and safety and that of their colleagues, ensuring the quality of their work, and for working towards set health, safety, environmental and quality objectives.

Risk-based Certification

CRC-Evans Offshore uses Det Norse Veritas Certification BV Business Assurance to demonstrate predictability of our internal operations and our ability to meet requirements from both our customers and society at large.

DNV Business Assurance is one of the leading global providers of accredited management systems certification. Their Risk Based Certification™ approach assesses our system’s conformance with international standards and measures how well our key systems support our business processes, our objectives and goals.

View our Det Norske Veritas Management System Certificate

International Benchmarking

CRC-Evans Offshore is a member of the British Safety Council and we use them to benchmark our systems, culture and performance.

Since becoming BSC members in 2009, we have been awarded two International Safety Awards for 2010 and 2011.

The latest with a distinction through demonstrating a strong commitment to health and safety management during 2011.

In our drive for continual improvement, CRC-Evans Offshore also subscribes to First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL), the Supplier Management Service that works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers for the Oil & Gas industry. Our company profile and history are visible, demonstrating our proven track record in the industry, and we are able to benchmark that performance through customer feedback. 

CRC-Evans Offshore Limited FPAL Supplier ID No: 10053252.

Integrated Management System

CRC-Evans Offshore Integrated Management System is based on the requirements of the following Standards:


In addition to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, our Integrated Management System incorporates Company requirements for:

Business Management Processes

CRC-Evans Offshore Ltd HSEQ Management Systems are modelled on British and International Standards taking into account Industry Best Practices.

To ensure that HSEQ focus areas remain an integral part of our day-to-day overall business management process, the company uses the PLANDELIVERMONITORREVIEW model.

Core Values



Train for and maintain a SAFE working environment that achieves a ZERO tolerance for incidences or accidents.


Industry leaders creating innovative solutions for the offshore business.


Respect and fairness ensures a loyal and motivated workforce—CRC-Evans Offshore strives to maintain this environment.


Our strategy is to be close to our Customers around the globe. We have an international workforce and business operations in the major energy producing areas.


Efficient, cost-effective and consistent delivery of our products and services to our Customers is the key to our success.


The ultimate goal for CRC-Evans Offshore Limited is to achieve a ZERO tolerance for incidences and accidents through sustained continual improvement of the Company’s management systems and maintenance of a proactive and positive HSEQ culture.

Focus Areas

The key HSEQ focus areas for CRC-Evans Offshore are:

  • Zero tolerance for work-related injuries
  • Zero tolerance for work-related ill health
  • Zero tolerance for impact on the natural environment
  • To promote and embed a positive and proactive HSEQ culture
  • To continually improve our HSEQ performance
  • To continually improve the HSEQ Management System

The above Focus Areas support the Guiding Principles published by our parent company, Stanley Black & Decker.

These principles that guide our complete operations are consistent with the longstanding vision and values for Stanley Black & Decker as a whole and are part of our everyday life here at CRC-Evans Offshore Ltd.


Our overall Company HSEQ Plan is supported by individual Project HSEQ Plans, which reflect the specific requirements of each individual Project.

Each Project Manager is responsible for managing their own HSEQ requirements; setting HSEQ Objectives and KPIs that complement the Company Objectives and HSEQ KPIs whilst addressing individual areas for performance improvement.

Our HSEQ Department assist Project Managers with the development of project specific HSEQ Plans.

Personal Responsibility

CRC-Evans Offshore success in achieving its performance targets, maintaining a solid Customer base and winning new business is fundamentally based on our highly trained and motivated management and workforce, their positive attitude, active participation and commitment to a SAFE working environment that achieves a ZERO tolerance for incidences or accidents and delivery of a quality service.

The Company expects individuals to take responsibility for their own and their colleague’s health and safety whilst at work and actively encourages our people to challenge or stop any activities that are, or they consider to be unsafe. As a minimum our people are required to:

  • Work in accordance with safe working practices put in place
  • Avoid improvisation or short cuts which may lead to unnecessary risks
  • Use the correct tools and equipment for each task and protective equipment provided
  • Report any defects in tools, equipment, plant and building infrastructure
  • Report all incidents, particularly near-misses and co-operate in their investigation
  • Maintain high standards of housekeeping, dispose of waste safely and where it is safe to do so clean up spills, where not, report them
  • Set a personal example at all times with regard to health, safety and the environmental
  • Assist CRC-Evans Offshore in meeting its environmental targets
  • Co-operate with management by participating in worksite meetings and keeping up-to-date with all health, safety and environmental information circulated.