Onshore Construction

CRC-Evans is involved in virtually every aspect of onshore pipeline construction, helping clients around the world build better pipelines and reduce costs.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

CRC-Evans' broad range of onshore pipeline construction equipment includes automatic welding, bending machines, padding/crushing machines, weighting systems, field joint coating, heat treating, inspection, non-destructive testing, and coating plants.

Worldwide Expertise

CRC-Evans represents the world's largest group of pipeline construction companies. The market leader in each of our core businesses, CRC-Evans has offices around the world, providing each of our customers with the most extensive infrastructure and resources in the industry.

Leading Technology

Because the pipeline industry faces formidable challenges in boosting productivity, efficiency, and profitability, CRC-Evans has always stayed at the forefront of technological innovation. CRC-Evans holds 129 patents and has been instrumental in developing many of the industry's most effective technologies.

CRC-Evans—the leading provider of equipment and services for onshore pipeline construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance.