The industry’s leading manufacturer of onshore pipeline equipment and provider of related pipeline construction services, CRC-Evans provides each of our customers with a long list of benefits.

Lowered Costs

One of CRC-Evans’ first priorities is to help our onshore construction customers reduce the cost of pipeline construction. Our engineering, design, and technical staffs continually review and analyze all equipment and construction methodology, ensuring that the approach we take to your needs is the most cost-effective solution available.

Increased Productivity

Around the world, CRC-Evans keeps onshore pipeline projects moving forward every day, from bending and handling to ditch and pipe padding. Backed by Total Project Support™, CRC-Evans’ turnkey approach to pipeline construction helps boost productivity throughout every phase of your pipeline construction project.

Limitless Applications

If a pipeline can be built through it, CRC-Evans is the right partner to help you get there. The toughest conditions, the narrowest right-of-ways, the rockiest spoils, long or short runs, diameters of all sizes—CRC-Evans can take on any and every challenge. From remote-controlled self-loading padders to in-trench crushers, CRC-Evans offers the right equipment for every application.

A technology company backed by today’s newest ideas, CRC-Evans is a worldwide ally to the pipeline industry. Through breadth of experience, through quality of equipment and service, through commitment to customer needs, CRC-Evans will ensure that your project is a success.