Control Systems

Control Systems

Control systems from CRC-Evans can be designed as basic as relay logic or as sophisticated as digital PLC-controlled systems tied into your SCADA systems with remote control capabilities.

Operator Consoles: Discrete Components

Control consoles are built with safety and ease of operability in mind. Emergency Stop (E-Stop) operators are clearly visible and easily accessible for use when needed. E-Stop operators are illuminated, maintained, push/pull type operators wired such that when activated a red LED bulb illuminates to indicate the button's state (under normal operating conditions, the LED is not illuminated). Other illuminated operators are used throughout the control panel to help describe the operating condition of the system at any given time.

Where possible, illuminated indicators are combined with functional push buttons. This consolidation of components allows for optimal use of space on the console and is less visibly intimidating to the user. Functionality of all operators and indicators is clearly labeled in all-capital letters for ease of operation. The layout of components within all operator consoles is customized to customer preferences.

HMI Interface

If a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is present, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be used as the primary method of control. This full-color touchscreen device can replace all discrete component operators that might be used on a console with the exception of E-Stop (there will always be a physical E-Stop button present and easily accessible for the user). The HMI can give detailed status information and descriptive alarm messages when necessary to maximize productivity and reduce downtime. The HMI communicates with the PLC through a wired Ethernet connection; however, other connection options are available. HMI screens and animations can be customized to customer preferences.