Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

CRC-Evans Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are the heart of the hydraulic system and are used in the following:

  • Cylinder lifting and lowering operations
  • Hydraulic motor operations such as machining, conveying, spinning, and lifting
  • Filling accumulators for backup power or shock absorption
  • Actuating multiple hydraulic pilot-operated valves individually or simultaneously
  • Lubricating operations of gear boxes, valves, cylinders, and other components
  • Load and pressure control valve operations
  • Clamping applications

Available in different configurations that makes the best use of available space, an HPU delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides flow needed to make components work
  • Facilitates pressure creation in hydraulic systems
  • Provides portable hydraulic power anywhere in the plant
  • Heat dissipation, which enables efficient cooling of hydraulic oil
  • Particulate trap, which helps to keep particulate at bay, prolonging system component life
  • De-aeration of fluid, which prevents premature failure of pump and other hydraulic components such as cylinders
  • Reservoir settling basin, which enables control of particulate and water in reservoir
  • Heat absorption, which allows heating of hydraulic oil to operating temperature
  • Designed for maximum structural safety
  • Pressure compensating system, which saves money by decreasing system losses
  • Backup relief valve, which protects the system against possible pressure spikes
  • Drain valve for easy draining of reservoir for cleaning or particulate removal

CRC-Evans HPUs can be configured with readily available options including monitoring transducers for level, temperature, pressure, and flow rate.