Skidways & Supports

CRC-Evans pipe skidways are used to transfer pipe from station to station. Skidways utilize gravity to move pipe—the speed or force exerted onto the pipe is determined by the amount of slope the skidway is set up with. Skidways can be equipped with a skidtrip, centering skidtrip, pipe stop, or a combination thereof.

When a skidway is equipped with a skidtrip, the skidtrip is used to control the feed from the skidway into the next station. Skidways equipped with a centering skidtrip are used to center and lift the pipe into a fixed location. This is done so an operation can be performed on the pipe such as pipe end prep.

Skidways equipped with a stop are used at the end of a conveying system. Pipe will be removed from the skidways with a lifting device to be hauled to storage racks or loaded onto a transport.Skidways are typically supported by the frame of the equipment they are being fed by, or feeding into. This support can be on one end of the skidway or both. Additional height-adjustable supports are placed along the length of the skidway.