Heat Treatment

To help clients overcome their thermal challenges, CRC-Evans Inspection Group offers extensive heat services. We provide electrical surface heating, refractory dryout and curing, ladle drying, on-site pre- and post-weld on-site machining. We offer high-velocity, fuel-fired treatments, and temporary furnace heat solutions, as well as thermal stress analysis.

Our Inspection Group gives you a ready source for equipment sales. We provide engineering services and feasibility studies to validate and confirm proposed treatment procedures. We can even deliver turnkey inspection project management, on-site supervision, supply services and training. You get one accountable source for the full range of NDT and heat treatment services- ready to help you anywhere in the world.  

Our experience includes the following industries:
  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • LNG/NGL Plants
  • Subsea and Overland Pipelines
  • Spoolbases
  • Power Generation (Nuclear and Conventional)
  • Offshore structures and Modules
  • Subsea and Marine Packages
  • Storage Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels and Spheres
  • Structural Work Packages
  • International Shipping
Our Specific heat treatment services include:
  • Pre and Post Weld
  • Temporary and Fixed Furnaces
  • Electrical/Gas/Diesel Fuel Fired
  • High Velocity Burners
  • Refractory Dry Outs and Curing


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