Nondestructive Testing

Our inspectors employ leading-edge NDT methods to verify the integrity of the welds and coatings on overland, subsea and reel-lay pipelines. We are leading the way in automated digital ultrasonic inspection, today's preferred method for meeting the high production rates demanded on modern pipeline construction projects.

Our ultrasonic technologies include guided wave inspection to screen pipe corrosion and metal loss, phased-array to boost inpection performance and economy, and handheld corrosion mapping and magnetic flux leakage for tank floor testing. We also provide both magnetic particle and dye penetrate inspection.

 Nondestructive Testing

  • Radiography (X, Gamma and close proximity)

  • Manual/Automatic Phased Array Ultrasonic's

  • Time of Flight Diffraction

  • Guided Wave Ultrasonic's

  • Eddy Current

  • Corrosion Mapping Surveys

  • Positive Material Identification

  • Tank Floor Testing (MFL)

  • Hardness Testing

  •  MPI and DPI

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