Designed specifically for use with Double Jointers, these feature front actuators with copper backup shoes attached to the front actuators to prevent burn-through. Air is supplied from the double jointer's air compressor. Electric control signals are received from the double jointer spacer control console.

IPLC-DJs are adjustable for any wall thickness or size within the specified range of Pipe 16" to 60" (406mm to 1524mm). Independently operated pneumatic heads allow the line-up of pipes with different wall thicknesses.

IPLC-DJs require compressed air at 200 psi (12.2-13.6 bar). Maximum safe working pressure is 210 psi (14.5 bar). This is normally provided by the compressor supplied with the Double Jointer. If this is not available, a standard CRC-Evans Air Compressor may be used.