b'Polyolefin Flame Spray (polyethylene and polypropylene)Application Equipment Specification1. Surface preparation Pipe diameter unlimited2. Application of fusion bonded epoxyAir pressure 7 barand co-polymer layer LPG pressure 2-4 bar3. Application of outer Polyolefin FlamePowder Tank capacity 80 litresSpray layerWeight 85 kgThe Polyolefin Flame Spray system is applied by the Dimensions (L x W x H) 1500 x 800 x 1500mmuse of the PIH Incendo equipment and processes,whichhavebeendevelopedtoprovideoptimumapplication performance. The polyolefin powder material is carried in a stream ofair,whichisfedintothecentreofanannularcombustion flame, where it is heated. A second outerannular nozzle feeds a stream of air around the powderstream, which accelerates the spray particles towardsthesubstrate-improvedqualityandcontroloftheapplied layer.PolyolefinFlameSpraycanbeappliedtohighthicknesses, matching the thickness of the line pipecoating.Various configurations of spread set-up are available toachieveoptimumapplicationcycletimesanddailyproduction.98'