b'Fused Field Joint (FFJ) or Hot Applied Tape System(3 layer polyethylene and polypropylene)PipelineInductionHeat(PIH)providesFieldJointCoatingservicestotheONSHOREandOFFSHORE pipeline construction industry.Fused Field Joint System (FFJ)TheFusedFieldJointsystemhasbeenrefinedovermanyyearsbyPIH,asahighperformance3layerpolyolefinsystemforweldedfieldjoints,offeringexcellentmechanicalpropertiesandfusiontothefactory applied coating (overlap area), providing an end-to-end 3 layer coating solution 3 layer Polyethylene grade 3 layer Polypropylene gradeThesystemisappliedbytheuseofautomatedequipment developed by PIH, for speed and repeatablequality.FFJ - Features and BenefitsThe Fused Field Joint system is specified for protectionof welded joints for onshore and offshore pipelines:- High integrityfusion to overlap area Multiple diameters from one unit Reduced number of stations Automated, repeatable quality Reduced labour requirements Improved cycle times Improved accuracy of application parameters Reduced risk to factory coating overlap areaPipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 99'