b'Fused Field Joint (FFJ) or Hot Applied Tape SystemApplication1. Surface preparation2. Application of fusion bonded epoxy and co-polymer layer3. Application of outer polyolefin layer4. QuenchThe Fused Field Joint system is applied by the use ofautomated equipment.Following application of the fusion bonded epoxy andco-polymerlayer,theouterpolyolefintopcoatis Equipment Specificationapplied.Thepolyolefintopcoatlayerishelicallyappliedaroundthejointarea.Heatisapplied Pipe diameter 2-30 (50mm-762mm)throughouttheinstallationprocessaidingfusion Voltage (input) 400 V, 3phbetween progressive layers and to the factory applied Current (input) 32 A (RMS)coating. Frequency (input) 50-60 HzPolyolefin Flame Spray is commonly used as a Field Weight 560 KgJoint System for tie-in joints. Dimensions (L x W x H) 1990 x 1564 x 1562mm100'