b'Automated Application ofMulti Component Liquid (MCL)BackgroundPipelineInductionHeat(PIH)providesfieldjointcoating services to the pipeline construction industryand offers extensive experience in the use of a widerange of field joint coating systems. Multi Component Liquid (MCL) coating systems arewidely used for the protection of the welded joint areaand PIH specialise in the installation of MCL systems,by the use of automated, on-pipe, spray equipment,offering repeatability and continuity in quality.Cross Section Illustrating the Application of MCLMCL field joint coating systems offer; to Pipeline Field Joints (3LPE Coated Pipes)20-35 deg Compatibility with the factory applied, line pipe 50-75 150 mmmmcoating Excellent corrosion protection and mechanicalproperties Short application cycle timesRapid curing characteristics (following inductionpre-heat), allowing for faster lowering-in and backfillPipe wall Repeatable quality, verified by simple on-siteMCL Field Joint Coatinginspection and testing proceduresFBE Primer LayerCopolymer Adhesive LayerPolyurethane MCL coatings are typically applied to Extruded Polyethylene /1.5mm dft and liquid applied epoxy MCL coatings Polypropylene Topcoatare typically applied to 1mm dft. WeldPipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 101'