b'Automated Application of Multi Component Liquid (MCL)PIH Automated Application SystemIn order to meet the industrys needs, PIH field jointservices developed a fully automated machine toapply MCL coatings to the weld joint area. The pre-programmable, automated spray equipment allowsfor a fast, consistent, high quality application of thefield joint system, to each and every weld area.The automated, on-pipe coating machine applies thematerialsbyrotatingaroundthepipeapre-determined number of times, evenly building up therequired thickness of material over the weld area.Application time is often 1 minute or less, allowingfor very high production rates.Fully Automated Spray TechnologyPIH developed the Fully Automated Spray Technology,or F.A.S.T. system, to meet the ever increasing demandsofthepipelineconstructionindustrytoimproveproductivity, reliability, safety and quality assurance. TheF.A.S.Tsystemhasimprovedfeaturesforthemonitoring of material parameters, along with automatic(real-time)checkingofthepumpingequipmenttoensurethematerialisbeingappliedatthecorrectconditions and in the correct mix-ratio, at all times. With the advent of the online monitoring system, clientscan be assured that material is always on ratio and thatallcriticalparametersarecontinuouslymonitored,withouttheneedforhumanintervention.Afail-safealarm shuts down the system if any irregularities occur.Realtimedataloggingofallrelevantparametersensures complete accountability.The result is a fully automated, pre-programmable spraysystem which significantly reduces the risk of humanerror,ensuringrepeatablequalityandthelongtermintegrity of the coated field joint area.102'