b'Heat Shrink Sleeves (HSS)(polyethylene and polypropylene)Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH) provides Field Joint Key FeaturesCoating services to the ONSHORE and OFFSHOREpipeline construction industry.Simple installation methods Compatible with both liquid primer and FusionHeat Shrink Sleeves (HSS)Bonded Epoxy primer (FBE) Corrosion ProtectionCompatible with 3 layer coated pipes and FBEcoated pipes Suitable for field joints including J-Lay collarsHeat Shrink Sleeves (HSS) are widely used within thepipeline industry for the protection of welded joints andare readily available from many reputable manufacturers.Bothpolyethyleneandpolypropylenegradesareavailable.PIH provides services for the efficient installation of HeatShrinkSleevestotheweldedjointareaforboththeoffshore and onshore pipeline industry, combining manyyears of experience in the field.Pipeline Induction HeatField Joint Coating Systems 103'