b'Heat Shrink Sleeves (HSS)Equipment and ApplicationTheinstallationofheatshrinksleevesiscarriedoutwith readily available equipment. Thefirstlayerinvolvestheapplicationofanepoxyprimer,whichcaneitherbealiquidappliedepoxyprimer or a fusion bonded epoxy layer.Induction pre heat is often carried out to improve thecure time of liquid applied epoxy primers. Application of HSS Followingapplicationoftheprimerlayer,theheatshrink sleeve is applied to the joint area.PIH has extensive experience in the installation of heatshrinksleeves,bothforonshoreandoffshore The heat shrink sleeve is then lined-up and wrappedapplications. around the welded joint area. A hand held gas torch isthen used to shrink the sleeve, bonding it to the primerTypical HSS System and the factory applied coating (overlap area).1. Surface preparation and factory coating preparation PIHoffersservicesfortheinstallationofarangeof 2. Primer layer: liquid epoxy primer or powder heatshrinksleevesystems,includingalltheotherapplied (FBE) primerassociated activities such as surface preparation and3. Installation of the HSS pre-heating.104'