b'Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 22-36One source. One proven solution. A stronger, re-engineered frame offers increasedbending capacity.CRC-Evansistheindustryslargestmanufacturerofpipeline construction equipment. Designed in-house toNew diesel engine designed for rugged dependabilityprecise customer specifications, our welding machines, in all weather conditions.pipe bending equipment, end prep equipment, clamps,padding/crushingequipment,weightingsystems,andNew hydraulic system has a larger hydraulic tanklaybarge equipment have been used to complete more and utilizes a hydraulic oil cooler to allow coolerthan 60,000 miles of pipeline in more than 100 countries. hydraulic oil operating temperatures.CRC-Evans builds todays most comprehensive line ofEngine and air compressor platform (air compressoronshore and offshore pipeline construction equipment. optional) are now side-mounted, lowering center ofAllequipmentismanufacturedwithinaQuality gravity and greatly increasing stability. ManagementSystemcertifiedtotheinternationallyrecognized ISO 9001:2008 standard and CRC-EvansStiff back and tongue have been re-engineered toown Quality Policy. allow for mandrel storage.For pipe from 22 (559mm) to 36 (914mm). CRC-EvansOptional two-stage pump. state-of-the-art bending machines.Optional Mandrel operation: Outboard cylinder travel is now 68% faster than ourPneumatic Mandrel with 3 section valvestandard machine (increase due to improvement toHydraulic Wedge Mandrel with 5 section valvehydraulic system design). Bending cylinder force is now 39% greater thanstandard machine (due to increased cylinder size andhigher pressure rating).CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment11'