b'ContentsIntroduction. 1Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 6-20.3Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 16-307Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 22-36 11Pipe Bending Machine 32-42 15Pipe Bending Machine 36-48 19Pipe Bending Machine 48-60 23Bending Sets & Dies. 29Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel [HWM]. 31Hydraulic Plug Mandrel 33Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel [WIP]. 35Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamp. 37Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamp - Double Joint. 39Air Compressor41Roli Cradle. 43Horizontal Rollers 2-48 45DECKHAND Pipe Handling System. 47P-260 Computerized Welding Machine 49M-300-C Mechanized Welding Machine. 53M-500 Single-Torch External Welding System. 57P-600Z Computerized Welding Machine 63P-625 Computerized Welding Machine 67Pipe Facing Machine & Hydraulic Power Unit 71Internal Welding Machine 77Copper Back-Up Clamp. 79Superscreen Vulcano 2.0. 81TruBend Angle Measurement 88Pre-Heating Equipment 91Surface PreparationBlasting Services. 93Application of Powder Applied Field Joint Coatings 95Polyolefin Flame Spray 97Fused Field Joint (FFJ) or Hot Applied Tape System 99Automated Application of Multi Component Liquid (MCL).101Heat Shrink Sleeves (HSS)103Locations.Back PageCRC-Evans CRC-Evans / Pipeline Induction Heat'