b'Pipe Bending Machine 36-48One source. One proven solution.consistently uniform bends.CRC-EvansistheindustryslargestmanufacturerofPin-up shoe automatically grips pipe to preventpipeline construction equipment. Designed in-house to distortion.precise customer specifications, our welding machines,Conversion to another pipe size within machinepipe bending equipment, end prep equipment, clamps, range is made simply by fitting an alternativepadding/crushingequipment,weightingsystems,and bending set.laybarge equipment have been used to complete moreMachine is capable of bending all grades of currentlythan 60,000 miles of pipeline in more than 100 countries. available API-5L pipe within its range.CRC-Evans builds todays most comprehensive line ofMachine frame constructed from high-strength steelonshore and offshore pipeline construction equipment. to ensure long life without fatigue failure.AllequipmentismanufacturedwithinaQualityUnitized construction makes for easy maintenanceManagementSystemcertifiedtotheinternationally and repair.recognized ISO 9001:2008 standard and CRC-EvansTowing eye is attached to hydraulically actuated stiffown Quality Policy. back and may be raised and lowered to facilitateForpipefrom36(965mm)to48(1,219mm).CRC- attachment to towing tractor.Evans state-of-the-art bending machines. Machine may be towed on the right-of-way by a Hydraulic controls give one operator complete suitable tractor (normally the side boom feeding thecommand of all machine operations from a pipe to the bending machine).convenient platform.For each pipe size to be bent, a bending set, Hydraulically driven winch moves pipe through the bending die, mandrel, and bending belt are required.machine. Pipe moves easily on contoured rollers.Machines uses two stage pump to increase Calibrated indicator rod allows operator to make productivity.CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment19'