b'Pipe Bending Machine 48-60For pipe from 48 (1,219mm) to 60 (1,524mm). CRC-Machine frame constructed from high-strengthEvans state-of-the-art bending machines.steel to ensure long life without fatigue failure. HydrauliccontrolsgiveoneoperatorcompleteUnitized construction makes for easy maintenancecommandofallmachineoperationsfroma and repair.convenient platform. Towing eye is attached to hydraulically actuated Hydraulically driven winch moves pipe through the stiff back and may be raised and lowered tomachine. Pipe moves easily on contoured rollers. facilitate attachment to towing tractor. Calibrated indicator rod allows operator to makeMachine may be towed on the right-of-way by aconsistently uniform bends. suitable tractor (normally the side boom feeding Pin-up shoe automatically grips pipe to prevent the pipe to the bending machine).distortion.For each pipe size to be bent, a bending set, Conversion to another pipe size within machine bending die, mandrel, and bending belt arerange is made simply by fitting an alternative required.bending set. Machines uses two stage pump to increase Machine is capable of bending all grades of productivity.currently available API-5L pipe within its range.General DataENGINE Units HYDRAULIC UnitsMfg CAT-Perkins OutboardModel C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 Bore 14/356 inch/mmNet Power 250/186.4 hp/kW Stroke 18/457 inch/mmSpeed 2,200 rpm Qty. Standard 4No of Cylinders 6 Qty. Superbender 6Bore x Stroke 4.33x5.01/110x127 inch/mm InboardDisplacement 442/7.2 cu.inch/lFuel Tank Capacity 145/549 gal/l Bore 10/254 inch/mmStroke 6/152 inch/mmQty. 4HYDRAULIC Units Pin UpPump Type Fixed Volume,2- Bore 6/152 inch/mmMaximum Flow 132/502 gpm/lpm Stroke 60/1,524 inch/mmOperating Pressure 3,000/207 psi/Bar Qty. 2Valve Type ManualNo. Sections 5Relief Valves 5 + 1 Main relief WINCH UnitsFiltration 10 Micron Type PlanetaryHyrd. Tank 350/1,325 gal/l Drive HydraulicPulling Force 25,000/111 Lbf/kNCable Diamter 0.563/14 inch/mmHYDR. MANDREL CONNECTIONSQty. 4Size 3/4 ELECTRICAL UnitsVoltage 24 VDCNo. Batteries 2UNDERCARRIAGE Total Rating 190 Amp Hr @ 20 FAlternator95 AmpType Track 50 ton Starter 5.5 kW24'