b'Pipe Bending Machine 48-60Normal Unbend TangentsAn unbent end (tangent) is produced at each end of the pipe where the pipe contacts the stiff back and pin-up.A pipe support may be required at each end of the pipe on pipe diameters of 48 and larger. Stiff-Back End Stiff-Back End Pin-Up End Pin-Up End NoWith Pipe Support No Pipe Support With Pipe Support No Pipe Supportinch/cm inch/cm inch/cm inch/cmPBM 48-60 132/335 156/395 96/245 108/275Dimensions and Weights [Standard Bender - 4 cylinders]DIMENSIONS Units WEIGHT UnitsLength 407.7/10.36 inch/meter Shipping 155,000/70,293 lb/kgWidth 173.3/4.40 inch/meter Operating 158,500/71,880 lb/kgHeight 140.1/3.56 inch/meter140.13.56 m407.732.0 10.36 m0.81 m173.34.4 m143.83.65 mCRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment27'