b'Dear Customers Enhanced EfficiencyIt is our pleasure to present to you the updated CRC-Evans engineering, design, and technical staffsCRC-Evanscataloguewithallourpipeline continuallyanalyzeallequipmentandconstructionconstructionequipmentsuchaspipebenders, methodology, ensuring that our approach is the mostmandrels and internal pneumatic line-up clamps, efficient solution available.automaticwelding,supplies,andcoatinginformation. Limitless ApplicationsAs you know, CRC-Evans is involved in virtuallyeveryaspectofonshorepipelineconstruction, If a pipeline can be built through it, we can help youhelpingclientsaroundtheworldbuildbetter getthere.Thetoughestconditions,thenarrowestpipelines and reduce costs. right-of-ways, the rockiest spoils, long or short runs,diameters of all sizesCRC-Evans can take on anyPipeline Construction Equipment and every challenge. From high-productivity bendingsystemstoremote-controlledself-loadingpaddingOur pipeline construction equipment meets not only machines, CRC-Evans offers the right equipment fortherequirementsoftodaybutalsothefutureof any application.pipeline projects. CRC-Evans has over 80 years ofexperience and therefore we have built and sold more Increased Productivitydiameterpipelinebendersthanmostothercompanies in the world. Due to this vast experience, Aroundtheworld,CRC-Evanskeepspipelinewe have a stable financial background to provide you projects moving forward every day, from bending andthe best services. Our worldwide network of offices handling to ditch and pipe padding, to welding andand agents is a plus when it comes to service. On the coating. Backed by a unique system of engineeringend, our equipment has a higher resale value than andsupportprograms,ourturnkeyapproachtomost of our competition when your project is finished.pipelineconstructionhelpsboostproductivitythroughout every phase of your project.Worldwide ExpertiseCRC-Evans represents the worlds largest group ofpipeline construction companies. The market leaderineachofourcorebusinesses,CRC-Evanshasofficesaroundtheworld,providingeachofourcustomers with the most extensive infrastructure andresources in the industry.Leading TechnologyAs the pipeline industry faces formidable challengesin boosting productivity, efficiency, and profitability,CRC-Evanshasalwaysstayedattheforefrontoftechnologicalinnovation.CRC-Evansholds129patentsandhasbeeninstrumentalindevelopingmany of the industrys most effective technologies.1'