b'Bending Sets & DiesRecommendations Field Installations Standard-Bare Bending Dies & Bare Bending The largest pipe size in any pipe bending machineSets: Bare pipe, coal tar, asphalt, and annular rangerequiresaDieonly,plus,incertaincasesextruded polyurethane up to 4mm thickness; over adapter plates for the Pin-Up, the Pin-Up Clamp, and4mm coating thickness, special bare bending sets the Stiff Back. Please check with your CRC-Evansmay be required. representative. Lined Die & Lined Set: Epoxy (thin film), Lined Set For Terminal (Largest) Size: This will requirepolyethylene tapes, and extruded polypropylene the removal of the plate insert in the Stiff Back, theand polyethylene. Spiral welded pipe. Pin-UpShoe,andtheClamp.Thisisdonebygrinding out the weld stitches. The new set of lined Special Bending Dies & Sets: Foam coated pipe, plates can then be welded into place. Some oldersmall radius bends. machinesmaynothavetheplateinsertandmayrequire major rework.Theserecommendationsdonotconstituteawarranty.PIN-UP CLAMPLINERS (2) NOTUSED ON PB 6-20BENDING DIEPIN-UP LINERSSTIFF-BACK LINER(TWO-PARTS ON PB22-36 AND ABOVE)! DisclaimerAlthough great care has been taken in compiling the informationcontainedinthiscatalogue,CRC-Evansdoesnotacceptresponsibility for the consequences of any errors, nor for the effectsof any subsequent changes made by the various sources of data.Dimensions and weights provided for reference only. Dimensions,specificationsandweightscanvarydependinguponfinalconfigurationoftheequipment.PleasecontactCRC-Evanstoconfirm final weights and dimensions prior to shipment.30'