b'Hydraulic Wedge Mandrel [HWM]The Hydraulic Wedge Type Mandrel was developedTravel wheels raise from the pipe wall when thespecificallytomeetthebendingrequirementsof mandrel is expandedheavy-wall and high-yield grade pipe.The travel wheels are pivotally mounted to providePart of CRC-Evans High-Productivity Bending System, self-leveling of the mandrel in the pipetheHWMisparticularlysuccessfulinprovidingaDouble angle hardened steel wedges provide fastsmooth bend with no out-of-round. Simple design and approach and powerful locking actionfew parts result in low maintenance cost.Wedges will accommodate several wall thicknesseswithout changing shims Wedge technology delivers powerful, fastNormal operation does not require an auxiliaryperformance hydraulic power unit (these can be suppliedat extra Uses the hydraulic system of the pipe bending cost if required by the customer)machine for powerUnits for pipe sizes from 20 to 60 (508mm to Simple design and few parts result in low 1524mm)maintenance costDiesel-powered units for pipe sizes from 34 to 60 Bending machine operator controls the mandrel (864mm to 1524mm)CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment31'