b'Hydraulic Plug MandrelThe Hydraulic Plug Mandrel gives 360-degree support Specificationsto the inside surface of the pipe. Gives a 360 degree support to the inside surface ofPartofCRC-EvansStandardBendingSystem,the the pipe.HydraulicPlugMandreliseffectiveinholdingpipeout-of-roundness to a minimum. Effective in holding the pipe out-of-roundness toa minimum.Allows more degrees of bend, without wrinkles, to beAllows more bend, without wrinkles, to be put in 6made with 6 (168mm) through 20 (508mm) diameter (168mm) through 20 (508mm) diameter pipe thanpipethanwithothertypemandrels.Youcaneasily with other type mandrels.convert pipe size and wall thickness range within themodels size. Easy conversion of pipe sizes and wall thicknessrange within the models size.Itssimple,robustdesignreducesmaintenanceSimple, robust design reduces maintenancerequirements and comes complete with all necessary requirements.hookup parts. This mandrel works with the CRC-EvansPB 6-20 or PB 16-30 pipe bending machines as itsComplete with all necessary hook-up parts.power source.Uses the CRC-Evans PB 6-20, or PB 16-30, PipeHydraulic power takeoff conversion kits are available. Bending Machine as the power source. HydraulicIndependent power sources can be used. power take-off conversion kit. Independent powersources can be used.Units for pipe sizes from 6 (168mm) to 20 (508mm).Patents applied in all major countries.CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment33'