b'Pneumatic Wedge Mandrel [PWM]ThePneumaticWedgeTypeMandrelwasdevelopedPWMs require compressed air at 200 psi (12.2-13.6specificallytomeetthebendingrequirementsof bar); maximum safe working pressure is 210 psi (15.3heavy-wall and high-yield grade pipe. bar). This normally is provided by the compressorsupplied with the mandrel. If not supplied, a standardPart of CRC-Evans High-Productivity Bending System, the CRC-Evans Air Compressor may be used. PWM applies powerful radial support to the inner walls, yetNon-powered units for pipe sizes from 10 to 20remainsflexiblelengthwisetobendwiththepipe.Itis (254mm to 508mm)positionedandcontrolledmanuallywithinthepipebyareach rod. It is particularly successful in providing a smoothPowered units for pipe sizes from 20 to 36 bend with no out-of-round. (508mm to 914mm) Wedge technology delivers powerful, fast performanceSimple design and few parts result in low maintenancecost Travel wheels raise from the pipe wall when the mandrelis expanded A Powered PWM travels through the pipe for the nextbend under its own power; a Non-Powered PWM ispulled to the next bend (manually) The travel wheels are pivotally mounted to provide self-leveling of the mandrel in the pipe Double angle hardened steel wedges provide fastapproach and powerful locking action Wedges will accommodate several wall thicknesseswithout changing shimsCRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment35'