b'Internal Pneumatic Line-Up ClampIPLCs work inside the pipe to align two pipe joints for Available at Time of Manufactureexternal welding.IPLCs are extremely robust and built to special highSelf-propelled feature, IPLC 10, 12-14 and 16-18standardstowithstandpipelinespreadoperations.Certified air tankIPLCs are adjustable for any wall thickness or sizeStainless steel pipe compatibilitywithin the specified rangeindependently operatedDrag Brake IPLC 20-22pneumaticheadsallowtheline-upofpipeswithHeavy-duty drive (side drive)different wall thicknesses. When correctly used IPLCswill not damage or bell end the pipe. Available for Plant or Field InstallationA self-propelled IPLC travels through the pipe to theWheels to suit internal coatingnext joint under its own power. A non-self-propelledVertical operation facility (crane suspended)IPLCispulledtothenextjoint(manually).IPLCsExtra-length reach (control) rodsrequire compressed air at 180-200 psi (12.4-13.8 bar).Conversion kits for pipe sizes and wall thicknessesMaximum safe working pressure is 210 psi (14.5 bar).within the IPLC rangeAdequateline-upatthenextjointisassuredbyareserve air tank. Self-propelled models feature non-marring wheels and are capable of grades up to 20. CompressorsOptions include de-icers, drag brakes, and wheels tosuit internal coatings.Use CRC-Evans Compressor model Self-propelled units for pipe sizes 10 to 60 #HT340 for all self-propelled clamps(254mm to 1524mm) up to 30 (762mm) pipe.Non-powered units for pipe sizes 6 to 18Use CRC-Evans Compressor model(152mm to 457mm) #HT390 for all self-propelled clampsFeatures & Benefits over 32 (813mm) pipe. Steel travel wheels on IPLC 10-18 Roller-type actuating heads (roller brackets) Urethane wheels on IPLC 20-60 Air mist lubrication 15-degree grade capability Center lifting eye Centering latch Reach (control) rod Drag brake, IPLC 20 and upCRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment37'