b'Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamp - Double JointThe new CRC-Evans IPLC-DJ provides the optimum Electric control signals are received from the Doubleinternal line-up and copper backup for the two pipes Jointer lineup control console via hardwired controlbeing welded by the CRC-Evans Double Jointer. The cableonaretractingreel.ContinuousairisalsoIPLC-DJ also allows for quick and easy wall thickness supplied via a tethered air hose on a retractable real.changes using the optional shims and provided shimchart for various pipe wall thicknesses. IPLC-DJsrequirecompressedairat200psi(12.2-13.6 bar). Maximum safe working pressure is 210 psiThe IPLC-DJs are very robust and built to CRC-Evans (14.5 bar). The clean and water free air is typicallyhighstandardstowithstandthehighproduction provided by the compressor supplied with the DoublevolumeandaccuracyneededforthepipeDouble Jointer. If this is not available a standard CRC-EvansJointing process. The IPLC-DJs are adjustable for any Air Compressor may be used.wall thickness or size within the specified range. WhencorrectlyusedtheIPLC-DJclampswillnotdamage or bell-end the pipe. CRC-Evansnewcopperback-upshoesareonaseparate mechanism and self adjust to varying pipewall.TheRollerbracketsareshim-ableforvariouspipe wall thicknesses. The new IPLC-DJ clamp makescopper changes simple and quick with standard sizesto cover a range of pipe wall thicknesses. CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment39'