b'Air CompressorCRC-Evans Air Compressors are premium compressors Features & Benefitswhicharedesignedtocomplementourrangeofpneumatic equipment.High efficiency compressors.The working range of the compressors is 200-225 psiProduce high pressure and volume of air while(13.6-15.3bars).ThisassuresthattheCRC-Evans operating at lower speeds and temperatures thanworking equipment has an adequate compressed air similar compressors.supply with a minimum range of 180-200 psi (12.2-Positive displacement rotary oil pump that13.6 bars).automatically provides lubrication to entireEach compressor is equipped with a specified power compressor.unit:Easily replaceable automotive type canister oil filter. HTD - Diesel engine with electric startCompressor automatically unloads when lubrication HTE - Electric motor, supplied to the customers oil pressure is too low.required voltage; switch gear is an extra cost optionValves are accessible for maintenance withoutTheunitisfoot-mountedandcomescompleteand disassembling the compressor.ready to operate.CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment41'