b'TheDECKHANDusesanexcavatorshydraulics and interchangeable arm typesto safety and efficiently handle pipe andother material.Longlastingandprovenarmpaddingallow users to work confidently with bothcoated and non-coated pipe.DECKHANDPipe Handling SystemDECKHANDS and DECKHAND DECKHANDS TheDECKHAND SmountstoANYBRANDofexcavatorinthe18-20metrictonrange(Commonexamples:Caterpillarmodels318and320).TheDECKHANDmounts to ANY BRAND of excavator inthe20-36metrictonrange.(Commonexamples:Caterpillar models 320 and 330. In-Cab Display allows operator to safely monitor andadjust all functions, hydraulic pressures and volumesfrom the comfort of the excavator cab. Designed with load holding valves so that pipe is heldsecurely regardless of hydraulic pressure. Long lasting and proven arm wear Requires auxiliary one way flow hydraulic circuit on pads allow users to work confidentlyexcavator. with coated or non-coated pipe. DECKHAND Stilts0to25degreesalongmainbeam, DECKHANDtilts 0 to 19 degrees along mainbeam. Shifts pipe side to side up to 5.5Additional Features: Touchscreendisplayforeasyin-cabadjustment(DECKHAND Sonly). Liftlightsystemwithproximitysensorsandtransducers keeps operator informed ensuring a safelift every time. Optional stick-mounted camera allows operator to seein even the most difficult spaces. DECKHAND CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment47'