b'Centurion Pipe Bending Machine 6-20Ahigh-performancebendingmachine,Centurion Through re-engineering efforts a stronger frame wasisbuilttotakeontodaysheavy-wallandhigh- designed to now offer increased bending capacity.yieldpipe,aswellasstandardpipewherehighRated pressure has been raised from 2000 psi toproductivity is required. 2500 psi. Diesel engine designed for rugged dependabilityPart of CRC-Evans High-Productivity Bending System, under all weather conditions.Centuriondelivers82%moretravelspeedand39%Our new higher capacity operating valve is nowmorebendingforcethanstandardmachines.Our mounted lower, thus offering the operator easybending machines feature outstanding hydraulics and access from the ground.quick-starting engines with reduced noise and cold startNewly designed frame shape allows operator easypackages.Asingleoperatorisabletooverseeall vision of die.functions.By mounting the engine and air compressorplatform, (Air Compressor Optional) on the sides, Highlights the center of gravity is lower. This greatly increasesstability of the machine. The New Centurion Bender offered by CRC-Evans isThe Stiff-back and tongue have been re-engineeredthe next generation of the state-of-the-art Bending to allow for mandrel storage.Machines. Following is a list of new features whichUse of standard tie rod type bending cylinders fortruly highlight the superiority of our design. ease of maintenance and availability of parts. Outboard cylinder travel is now 82% faster than ourOptional Mandrel operation:standard machine. Increase is available due to newPneumatic Mandrel with 3 section valvehigh capacity pump system.Hydraulic Plug Mandrel with 4 section valve Bending cylinder force is now 82% greater thanHydraulic Wedge Mandrel with 5 section valvestandard machine by increased cylinder size andhigher pressure rating. Note: Optional two stage pump available.CRC-Evans Pipeline Equipment3'