b'Deckhand Pipe Handling SystemDECKHANDL and XLDECKHANDL PatentedPipeArmdesignassuresthat Safe and versatile for main lineadjacentpipesareneverdisturbedwhen pipe handling, outperforming allpicking up roped pipe from a pile or stack. existing pipe handling methods. Pipe Arm wear pads insure that coated pipeis NEVER damaged. The DECKHANDL mounts to ANY BRANDexcavatorinthe40-49metrictonrange.(Commonexamples:Caterpillar345and349.) The DECKHANDXL mounts to ANYBRAND excavator in the 60-75 metric tonrange. (Common examples: Caterpillar 365and 374.) In-CabDisplayallowsoperatortosafelymonitorandadjustallfunctions,hydraulicpressures and volumes from the comfort ofthe excavator cab. Designed with load holding valves so thatpipe is held securely regardless of hydraulic DECKHANDXLpressure. Handles the largest and Tilts 0 to 15 degrees along main beam. heaviest pipe with ease. Shifts pipe side to side up to 5.5Additional Features: Proximity light with sensors keeps operatorinformed ensuring a safe lift every time. Optionalstick-mountedcameraallowsoperatortoseeineventhemostdifficultspaces. Requiresauxiliaryonewayflowhydrauliccircuitonexcavatoranddedicatedcasedrain line.For detailed quotations please contact CRC-Evans sales! DisclaimerAlthoughgreatcarehasbeentakenincompilingtheinformationcontainedinthiscatalogue,CRC-Evansdoesnotacceptresponsibility for the consequences of any errors, nor for the effects of any subsequent changes made by the various sources of data.Dimensions and weights provided for reference only. Dimensions, specifications and weights can vary depending upon final48 configuration of the equipment. Please contact CRC-Evans to confirm final weights and dimensions prior to shipment.'