b'P-260 Computerized Welding MachineAdvanced TechnologyThissingletorchexternalweldingsystemoffers including the new inverters. The P-260 has the abilityconsistent welding parameter and quality control, and to perform external root pass welding in addition toprovides the user 32 programmable welding passes. standard hot, fill, and cap pass welding.Inaddition,thisweldingmachineoffersVerticalTracking to maintain consistent Tip-to-Work distance Theonboardcomputerensuresprecisecontrolofaround the circumference of a weld. weldingparameters:volts,amps,travelspeed,oscillation,dwelltimes,etc.AsecuredatakeyThe P-260 is a self-contained platform incorporating a prevents unauthorized weld parameter variables fromtravelcarriage,wirefeedmotorandwirespool, being changed. The removable data key also allowscomputer control box, and adjustable welding head. the user to store a real-time log of all essential weldSuitable for GMAW or Pulsed-GMAW processes, this dataforfurtherprocessinginauser-friendlyExcelversatile design easily interfaces with most constant- spreadsheet format.voltageorpulsed-curentweldingpowersources,CRC-Evans Automatic Welding49'