b'P-260 Computerized Welding MachineWelding SystemFeatures Benefits Narrow-gap joint designLess weld metal requiredIncreased deposition rateHigher production ratesMicroprocessor controlPrecise control of essential parametersEasy operationLower cost per weldThru arc seam trackingLess physical strain on weldersConsistent weld propertiesConsistent weld quality Mechanical SpecificationsLength 16.5 419mm Wire Spool Weight 6lbs 2.7kgWidth 20 508mm Vertical Axis Stroke 2.5 63.5mmHeight 15 381mm Head Angle Adjustment 0-10O - Weight (w/o wire spool) 35lbs 15.9kgOscillation Rate1 0-250 BPM - Oscillation Width2 0-0.75 0-19mmDwell Time2 0-0.5 seconds -Wire Feed Speed3 100-625 IPM2.56-16 meter/minTravel Speed4 4-60 IPM 0.1-1.52 meter/min Tilt Sensor Accurate to 1OWire Feed Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoder Travel Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoderOscillation Motor Uses a digital stepper motorVertical Motor Uses a digital stepper motorMinimum Cutback Distance (bevel to coating) 11 279.4mm Minimum Cutback Distance (bevel to concrete)15 381.0mm 1 Uses 70:1 gear box for high torque; speed based on width setting, dwell time2 Based on beats per minute 3 For 30.7:1 gear box4 For 445:1 gear boxElectrical Specifications Required main power: 36 VDC regulated.Auto-switching AC (120V to 240V) to DC36V power supply provided by CRC-Evanswith P-260 system Auxiliary power 24 VDC for land lines. (Fortractors with single battery an optional 12Vto 24V converter is available from CRC). Generator requirement: 50 KVA per shack Temperature Range: -40OC to +70OCContact CRC-Evans for extreme weatherapplication setup requirements.Welding Power Supplies SupportedMiller 456MP, Miller XMT304, Lincoln 350 PRO,Lincoln DC400 (Contact CRC for support ofother power source) 50'