b'P-260 Computerized Welding MachineProgrammable Welding Parameters Pass and Weld NamesCrater Fill TimePipe/Band/Wire DiametersBurn Back Time Welding ProcessBlow Wire In Puddle Delay and Period Motor SpeedsPost-Purge Time Motor Ramp TimesUnits (Imperial or Metric) Motor Speed LimitsClockwise or Counterclockwise Bug Type Potentiometer FunctionTorch View Oscillation Width and Width LimitsAuto Tilt-Based Welding Mode Oscillation FrequencyDry Cycle Mode Welding Power Supply PID ParametersTurn Display On or Off Arc Trim Range and LimitsEnable/Disable Oscillation Width Adjustment Work Point Range, Limits, and Ramp TimeOscillation Width Adjustment Increment Arc Voltage Range and LimitsSupport for Multiple Shielding Gas Hot Start Work Point, Voltage, and TimeReverse Travel Speed and Ending Angle Vertical Tracking SpeedEnable/Disable Data Logging Vertical Target (Amps and Volts)Data Logging Distance Vertical Target Limits (Amps and Volts)Enable/Disable 1G Welding Mode Vertical Target Increment (Amps and Volts)1G Welding PID Control Loop Parameters Vertical Tracking Thresholds (Amps and Volts)1G Target Angle and Turn Roll Speed51'