b'P-260 Computerized Welding MachineAdditional FeaturesTip-to-Work Tracking maintains the torch at a constant stick-out distance Thirty-two programmable welding passes Enforced limits on programmable welding parameters (motor speeds, oscillation width, etc.) Secure data key limits unauthorized access to programmable welding parameters Data logging is made easy with the data key, laptop and Excel interface software supplied by CRC-Evans(PDA option also available) Position-Based Welding allows real-time weld parameter changes via the tilt sensor No trim pots or jumper settings on any hardware component Feedback from optical encoders on digital motors removes the need for motor calibration Adjustable arc trim for pulse welding helps control heat input Removable elastometric keyboard is easy to replace after prolonged use Onboard display shows critical weld parameters (Travel Speed, Wire Feed Speed, Tilt Angle, Oscillation Widthand Frequency, Volts, Amps, and Pass Name) as well as user-friendly diagnostic information Easy-to-use graphical interface program allows upload and download of welding parameters Onboard menu system allows weld parameters to be modified from the control panel using the secure datakey (PDA option also available) System can be configured to perform a single pass on multi-station jobs or perform all passes on a singlestation Microprocessor-based PID loop control is available for controlling constant-voltage welding power supplies inshort arc applications Independent modular power driver stages for all motors assist in easy troubleshooting Programmable potentiometer can be set to control wire feed speed or travel speedConformance TestingCE European CertificationThe CRC Evans External Welder(P-260) was tested to EN 55011,Group 1 Class A and was foundto be in compliance with therequired criteria.! DisclaimerAlthoughgreatcarehasbeentakenincompilingtheinformationcontainedinthiscatalogue,CRC-Evansdoesnotacceptresponsibility for the consequences of any errors, nor for the effects of any subsequent changes made by the various sources of data.Dimensions and weights provided for reference only. Dimensions, specifications and weights can vary depending upon finalconfiguration of the equipment. Please contact CRC-Evans to confirm final weights and dimensions prior to shipment.52'