b'M-300-C Mechanized Welding MachineWelding SystemFeatures Benefits API 30o or compound joint designWith any joint designIncreased deposition rateHigher production ratesMicroprocessor controlPrecise control of essential parametersEasy operationLower cost per weldConsistent weld propertiesLess physical strain on weldersConsistent weld quality Mechanical SpecificationsLength 21 533mm Wire Spool Weight 10lbs 4.5 or 5kgWidth 20 508mm Vertical Axis Stroke 2.75 69.9mmHeight 14 356mm Head Angle Adjustment 0-10O - Weight (w/o wire spool) 51lbs 23.18kgOscillation Speed1 0-250 BPM - Oscillation Width2 0-0.999 0-25.4mmDwell Time2 0-1.0 seconds - Wire Feed Speed3 100-420 IPM 2.54-10.67 meter/minTravel Speed4 4-21 IPM 0.1-0.53 meter/minWire Feed Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoderTravel Motor (DC Brush-type motor) Speed controlled via digital encoderOscillation Motor Uses a digital stepper motorMinimum Cutback Distance (bevel to coating) Please consult CRC Minimum Cutback Distance (bevel to concrete)12 304.8mm 1 Uses 70:1 gear box for high torque; speed based on width setting, dwell time2 Based on beats per minute3 For 55.3:1 gear box 4 For 941:1 gear box Electrical Specifications Programmable Welding Parameters Required main power: 24 VDC regulated.Motor speeds Auto-switching AC (115V to 230V) to DCCrater Fill Time 24V power supply provided by CRC-EvansPotentiometer Functionwith M-300-C systemBurn Back Time Generator requirement: 30 KVA per shackOscillation Width Temperature Range: -40OC to +70OCPre- and Post- Purge TimesContact CRC-Evans for extreme weatherOscillation Frequencyapplication setup requirementsDry Cycle Mode Right and Left Dwell Times Welding Power Supplies SupportedTurn Display On or Off Clockwise and Counterclockwise Welder Type Lincoln DC-400Enable / Disable Oscillation Width Adjustment Lincoln Invertec V350 ProTravel Direction Miller XMT 350Travel Motor Startup Delay Most appropriately rated CV power supply*Oscillation Frequency(Contact CRC for support of other power source) * May require special design interface from CRC engineering if not currently designed.54'